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It was Monday 3 August 1891.  Britain was celebrating the annual Bank Holiday.  For the last two or three days a trickle of news had arrived with brief reports that an Englishman had enjoyed tremendous success at the gambling tables in the Monte Carlo casino.  Now, for the first time, the man’s name was revealed as Charles Wells.

‘People here and at Nice are talking of nothing but his marvellous success’, the report concluded.

Later analysis showed that Wells had taken £4,000 stake money with him to Monte Carlo, and had left with £10,000 – an amount roughly corresponding to one million pounds in today’s values.

THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONTE CARLO is the amazing but true story of Charles Wells, gambler and fraudster extraordinaire, released in paperback format for the first time today, 3 August, 2023.

Brilliant – a terrific read MICHAEL ASPEL, O.B.E.

The best book I’ve read all year NIGEL JONES, editor, Devonshire Magazine

THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONTE CARLO by Robin Quinn – available from Amazon, Waterstones, W. H. Smith, and all good booksellers.

358 pages : Cover Price £14.99 : ISBN 9781803 993737

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