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The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo


By August 22, 2023One Comment

In my book, The Man who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo there’s a mystery that has never been entirely solved.  In late July the man who broke the bank, Charles Wells, left London with initial stake money of £4,000. He travelled overnight to Monte Carlo, where he began to gamble at the famous Casino.  Within five days he had turned his £4,000 into £40,000 – worth about four million pounds in today’s money.

However, on 27 July – the very day when he departed from London to Monte Carlo – an advertisement posted by him had appeared in The Times. 

We know for certain that this advertisement was placed by Charles Wells.  To begin with, it was very similar in style to other advertisements he had placed.  More importantly, it is known that the password “Security” was unique to him.

But why could he possibly need to borrow such a trivial sum when apparently he already had £4,000 to take with him to Monte Carlo?  And why was he so desperate to obtain this money that he was prepared to part with the exorbitant amount of £15 per cent interest? 


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