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German POWsVE-Day Countdown

Countdown to VE-Day (continued)

By February 24, 2015No Comments

On 21 February 1945 Eberhard Wendler wrote in his diary:

‘Received a letter from Willy and Gertrud posted on 28 November 1944.  Bought myself a pair of scissors for 2 shillings’

[Evidently the postal service was still slow.  Many useful items were bought, sold, and bartered among the prisoners.  Two shillings (10 pence in decimal currency) represented a prisoner-of-war’s wages for two days of farm work.  Cigarettes were also used as currency:  four cigarettes were worth about one shilling].

Clearly little of note happened during the next three weeks or so, because Eberhard makes no entries of any consequence until mid-March.  We’ll join him again then – seventy years on!

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